PXVXC | Organic Vegan Ice Cream & Cheese in Toronto, Ontario

Better. Than. Ice Cream.

Small Batch. Sustainable, Ethical & Organic Ingredients.
Free of Common Allergens, GMOs + More.
Hand Made in Toronto. 100% Vegan.

Our goal is to make you happy, so we make sure everything we create tastes out of this world before it gets to you—and isn’t made from crap. It’s that simple. Aiming to reflect a unique blend of nostalgic and modern charm, Pleasantville Creamery is an entirely vegan owned and operated business offering a variety of organic allergy-free (and then some) dairy alternatives. 

Founded in 2013, Red Seal Chef & Holistic Nutritionist Stephanie Gorchynski put all of her blood, sweat, tears and time to make the company what it is today. Thanks to a growing loyal customer base, PXVXC has quickly become a neighborhood favorite, a sought-out vegan company & respected brand.

Dairy Free.  Egg Free.  Wheat Free.  Gluten Free.  Soy Free.  CORN FREE.  NON GMO. NUT Free.  Preservative Free.  Cholesterol Free.  No Refined Sugar.  UNPASTEURIZED.  No Artificial Flavors.  NO By-Products.  No CHEMICALS.  Sustainable.  Ethical.  Eco-Friendly.  CONSCIOUS.  magical. PLANT BASED.  RAW.  holistic.  SMALL BATCh.  Handcrafted.  Organic.  Vegan.  delicious.  REAL.

...y'know, if you want to get technical.

What are the benefits of PXVXC's products?
The ingredients we use in all of our products have both individual and complimentary nutritional value. Coconut and hemp are high in protein and omega 3's, and are good sources of fibre, healthy fats and antioxidants. Our sweeteners are low-glycemic, if we use any at all. We use ingredients in their raw state where possible, preserving the enzymes and nutritional value; all of our ice cream is raw, as are most of our cheeses.
How is PXVXC's ice cream made?
We start with soaked organic and Canadian-grown hemp seeds (and/or organic coconut meat) and lots of love. Then we add the flavor ingredients; raw organic cacao, organic Mexican vanilla, fresh fruit etc. and if the flavor absolutely calls for it, natural sweeteners. Then the mix is churned in small batches and packaged by hand.
Who is behind Pleasantville Creamery? 
Our company was founded by Stephanie Gorchynski—a professional Red Seal chef, Registered Holistic Nutritionist, and unapologetic gluten-free vegan. Scroll down for her completely back story; turn your phone on silent, make a snack and get comfortable!
How many calories does PXVXC's ice cream have? Doesn't coconut have a lot of fat?
Each ½ cup serving is just about the same as animal-based ice cream, but it's the right kind of calories, the heart-healthy & helpful fats, the beneficial life-giving nutrients and a direct source of Omega 3's that will help your body—not hurt it (or anyone else's for that matter.)
What sweeteners does PXVXC use?
Wherever possible, we do our best to let the natural sweetness of our ingredients come out, to naturally sweeten our ice cream; for example, if something has apples in it, we select perfectly ripe apples, and let them do the talking. We never add sugar just because it's expected, and if we do add a little sweetness they're never low-quality. There are  handful of dates in each batch, and chose organic maple syrup or coconut palm sugar if the flavor calls for a punched up sweetness.  There is less than a tablespoon of organic raw blue agave in each pint—only added for pliability.
What's with the name 'Pleasantville' & 'PXVXC', and why do you have two of them?
So nice, we totally named it twice! Yes, 'Pleasantville' was a cheesy movie in the 90s. It's the theme of the movie that inspired the name; and the message of the power of change, characters turning from black & white to colour once they awaken, experience and connect with the world around them—which is how PXVXC's founder felt when she had her first ice cream cone as a child, how she felt when she first went vegan—and again when she created her first batch of delicious vegan ice cream. Though they originated in the Bay Area, the recipes were first churned near Davisville and Mount Pleasant in Toronto. It's also a word that stirs up nostalgia for better times, real values and sensible living. It has a "v" in it, which sometimes we like to capitalize for emphasis; and it reminds us of this brilliant skit, too.
Similarly, 'PXVXC' is a really great way of encompassing all of that for our "140 character" e-world. More, whether you think straight-edge or Freemasonry (XX or XVX; both apply) it's a nice way of encompassing all of the allergy-conscious aspects, values and integrity of what we do in one sweet little word. 
It means all these things, and more. We hope you can add your meanings to ours, make it your own, and share them with us, too.
How long after I open a pint is the ice cream still good to eat?
It’s best to eat the ice cream within four weeks after you’ve opened the pint. Pro move: putting a piece of wax paper against the ice cream in an opened pint prevents an icy layer from forming atop the ice cream.
I’ve just opened a PXVXC pint and I want to eat it all right now, but it's harder than conventional ice cream. Can I thaw it in the microwave?
No, no, no, for the love of Pete, no. Please don’t. Heating ruins the ice cream, and microwaving in general totally freaks us out. Just “stage” the pints: place them on a counter or table top and let them rest for 10 minutes or so, until you can slip a spoon in with ease.
Commercial ice cream has something called 'overrun'; the softer it is, the more air has been incorporated into the ice cream mix. Most commercial products have 100% overrun, both so that you can spoon it immediately, but also to stretch their products, meaning less actual ice cream for your buck.

We don't believe in cutting corners with our customers, so our equipment is set at the lowest possible setting, netting a denser product out of the freezer, and allowing your dollars match up with every scoop.
I remember you used to have a Pint Club, but I can't find it on your site. What gives? I want in!
We've been so focused on getting into stores that you frequent that we've decided (for now) to put our Pint Club on hold. Rest assured, you're not the only one who's miffed about not being able to become  a member. We're working our butts off to secure our retail chain, and hope to be offering it again in time for holiday gifting (and receiving!) Sign up for our newsletter, follow our social media, and stay in the loop as to when we relaunch it.
Your ice cream comes in glass jars?! What's the deal?
Yes! The deal is real—transparency that is. We're trying to make as sustainable a product as possible, down to our packaging. Hold on to our jars + lids once you're done eating (and washing them would be sweet!), return them to us when we deliver your next order and receive $1 off. Give us back 10 intact, and we'll give you a free pint!
When will your wafflettes be for sale? What else have you got going on?
Because we put so much love into our pints, for now our wafflettes and other specialty items are for special events and warmer seasons only. Find us in a spring or summer market, and we'll be sure to put as many as you can hold in your hand for you to enjoy. If we get good feedback, we'll be boxing them up for you to have at home, too!
In the meantime, pints will be available in a steady flow, at local stores near you. Be sure to let us know where you want to see us so that you never have to go without. That would just be plain awful.

We're also working on single servings (4 oz.) for those that can't make up their minds, don't want to invest in a pint yet want a bunch of flavors all at once. Whatever size and shape you want PXVXC in, we've got your back. All in good (delicious) time. 
Your backstory was too brief. What's the real story, Stephanie?
Glad you asked! ...You're right, brevity totally isn't my style. Let's do this.
Are PXVXC's ice creams gluten-free?
Yes! Not only wheat/gluten-free, they are also free of nuts, soy, animals & lactose/casein, corn, potato, GMOs, chemicals, preservatives, pasturization, non-foods and by-products. We don’t use any refined sugar.
Are all of PXVXC's flavors vegan? Why?
Yes; we don't believe animals are food, and we can make delicious products that will satisfy every palate without them, so why not?! ...We also do our best to use and adhere to naturally vegan ingredients that are free from immediate animal involvement (obvious or in-obvious), and support other vegan companies when and where possible (for the animals, us all.) 
Where can I find ingredient and nutritional information?
You can find nutritional tables & ingredients linked under our current flavors here. Please contact us for specific allergen information.
Are any of your flavors sugar-free?
We do not add refined sugar to any of our products, and if we add any sugar or sweeteners to our products, they will alway be naturally-occurring and from whole-food sources. 
Are you products Kosher?
Our products are 100% free from animals and animal involvement; nothing from an animal has touched our equipment, however our facility is not officially certified.
Do you use organic, sustainable and Fair-Trade-Certified ingredients?
Yes—wherever possible, we do our best to support direct trade purveyors that are as eco-ethically conscious as us.
Are your products non-GMO?
Yes! All of our ingredients are certified non-GMO by The Non-GMO Project, so while we don't yet have our certification, you won't find GMOs in our products. We don't eat GMOs and we don't want you to either! To learn more about GMOs check out their website: http://www.nongmoproject.org/
What about other food labeling certifications?
Even though we might not have the fancy emblems and seals of approval on our labels (yet), we're not blowing smoke when we claim to be all the things we do. We source our ingredients carefully, and perform checks (often) on our purveyors and their sources to make sure that what we say to you is true. If there's any doubt, ask us. We're happy to share who, what, and where we get our raw ingredients, and equally happy to hear of new companies we should support.
I have a major nut allergy. Is PXVXC safe for me?
Our products are free of the top 8 allergens including animals, wheat/gluten and nuts. More, our manufacturing facility is 100% vegan, gluten and nut-free; you'll never find anything on our premises that contain any of the aforementioned offenders. We do our very best to source our ingredients from conscious purveyors that can guarantee the same.
Where can I buy PXVXC?
Our list of local stockists is growing daily; please let us know where you'd like to see us on the shelves!
How do I find out what flavors are available?
All of our flavors are listed here. If we're doing something special (we always are up to something cool!) ...we'll announce it far and wide, so follow us on our social media, errywhere. When in doubt, contact us.
My local store doesn't carry PXVXC. How can I change this?
You sure can, and we'd love your help! Print this off, and hand it to your local store manager or customer service clerk along with your request to carry us in their freezer case; further, direct them to our site, and feel free to let us know that you want a certain store to carry our pints, or restaurant / bakery to carry our scoops: hello@pxvxc.com ...let us know you've done it, and we'll take it from there. 
Do you ship your ice cream & other products?
It's the plan, but sadly, not yet. (We know; we're bummed too.) But good news! Our pals at V Word Market ship nationwide and are now shipping to the USA, too!
Let us know where you want to eat our products (and of course, let them know too!); we plan to expand our empire to every freezer and fridge in the world, and we'd love your help to do so.
If you can't wait for us to figure it out organically and you're beyond V Word's reach, we're happy to arrange a third party courier option for you; we've already shipped ice cream as far as the Yukon, Greenland and Thailand. If you've got the will (and the dough), there's no where we won't go!
Where do you ship from?
Our magical factory & fulfillment center is located in Leslieville, Toronto, Ontario. It is a private facility and not open to the public.
Do you have a retail store? A scoop shop? Where do I find you?
Sorry, we do not have a scoop shop or brick and mortar store—yet. We are a wholesale-based vegan food product company, and aim to get our goods as far and wide as possible, which isn't possible with the immediate overhead of a shop. 
We do offer cash and carry at our manufacturing facility, and request that any larger wishes beyond a random pint or two, or specific orders be placed ahead of time to ensure fulfillment and a smooth transaction! 
I hear you're making cheese & other dairy staples! Is this true? Give them to me!
Yes! Our cultured cheeses will be released as soon as we can tear ourselves away from churning all this ice cream; we're developing a full line of plant-based dairy staples from fresh milk, sour cream and cream to yogurt and butter. All in good time, dear friends (...but keep your eyes peeled around holiday times!)
Who should I contact for a donation request?
In order to create the most impact with our funding, we have committed to supporting three broad initiatives that align with our company mission:
  • Building stronger communities
  • Creating a resilient healthy food system
  • Protecting Earth’s splendor and resources—including animals
To be considered for a donation, you must be a 501(c)(3) or other qualified charitable organization. If your request supports one or more of the company’s initiatives,  please request our Donation Request Form.
Does PXVXC cater weddings and parties or sell ice cream during festivals?
We'd definitely consider it—in the Toronto and surrounding area. If you’re interested in having PXVXC at your event, please request an Event Request Form.
If you are outside of Toronto, we’d still love to be a part of your event! Our pre-scooped pints or wafflettes are great for all types of gatherings and are a perfect, easy no-mess option. We can ship them directly to you or your venue.
*Completing the form does not guarantee booking. A PXVXC representative will follow up with you within 48 hours of your request. For questions, please contact us.
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