PXVXC | Organic Vegan Ice Cream & Cheese in Toronto, Ontario

Better. Than. Ice Cream.

Small Batch. Sustainable, Ethical & Organic Ingredients.
Free of Common Allergens, GMOs + More.
Hand Made in Toronto. 100% Vegan.

It's true: without compromise, all of our goods are artfully, holistically & lovingly handcrafted from scratch, 100% organic, vegan and from whole, quality plant-based ingredients—y'know, real food made the right way, the way it used to be.

Made in small batches, you'll never find anything in our products that doesn't belong there, or doesn't make sense. No animals ever harmed. You won't find any wheat/gluten, nuts or common allergens (including corn), GMOs, chemicals, preservatives, or refined sugar in our products or our kitchen. No unpronounceable words on our labels or Franken-by-products in our pantry. With a bit of whimsical magic and nostalgia in every pintour products are easily digestible, packed with clean, nutritious and most certainly delicious plant-based love.

If you have specific food allergies or concerns but still want your goods (hey, we get it!)—please contact us before you place your order and one of our team will talk you safely through the fine print on our goods.

Because cow milk is made for baby cows. Help us keep mothers and babies united, to retire the cows and make the world sweeter for all of us.

Keepin' It Real

Founded and crafted by Holistic Nutritionist (RHN) & Red Seal Chef Stephanie Gorchynski, from our pints to most of our cheeses (and other dairy products we're working on)—we keep it raw, both uncooked and unpasteurized, making sure we deliver what we promise to you on all levels—an equally nourishing and delicious product for your taste buds to delight in, and your body to easily digest and truly benefit from. 

While we can't tell you our recipe, we can tell you our base is entirely and always nut-free. To keep our products as allergy-friendly, healthful and all-around amazing as possible, we currently use a combination of coconut and hemp, sometimes one or the other. Need more info? Just ask


PXVXC is committed to building healthy relationships with our planet and our global community. We use organic plant-based ingredients whenever possible and fair-trade cocoa and vanilla products from certified local vendors and purveyors. We also make a point of supporting local, ethical & sustainable vendors and farmers as much as possible for our ingredients and our minimal packaging.


pay it forward with Every Pint

We believe in the collective power of conscious purchasing; every dollar spent is a vote for the world we live in. Every purchase you make from us helps to benefit various organizations that help to promote the divinity and delight of eating & living cruelty-free. Not only are you investing in a local company that's churning to create change (and retire the cows), but you're allowing us to pay-it-forward to other global game-changers, advocates and activists for all animals, human and non. 

5% of every sale that we receive (not just of those elusive profits) is donated to a non-profit organization that we feel does important work to change the world. We rotate the organizations every season so that we can help spread the word about a number of groups that we believe in.

One of our own long term goals is to put our hard-earned pennies where our pints are, and bring Pleasantville to life. It is our hope that, with each pint or pail you purchase from us, not only can we turn a profit - but we can turn those profits into our own sanctuary (or several, which is our dream). Supporting us is direct action in every way, for a kind community, sustainable system and sweet world with every scoop - for all.


Our ice cream is scooped into glass jars, lidded and labeled with 100% post-consumer materials. Our cheese products are wrapped in either biodegradable wrapping or packaged in low-waste options that also guarantee their freshness to you, dear consumer. Our goods are brought you or a store near you by The Drop Distribution's eco-friendly distribution services.


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