PXVXC | Organic Vegan Ice Cream & Cheese in Toronto, Ontario

Better. Than. Ice Cream.

Small Batch. Sustainable, Ethical & Organic Ingredients.
Free of Common Allergens, GMOs + More.
Hand Made in Toronto. 100% Vegan.

Hi, I’m Stephanie—the Founder, Red Seal Chef, Holistic Nutritionist & Culinary Activist of Pleasantville Creamery

PXVXC was not started with business pursuits in mind... rather, I just wanted a better pint for me, and a better world for animals (us all). 

As an adult with both a very unhappy health history (to say the least) and a life-long love affair with dairy products and ice cream, I realized I was left increasingly unsatisfied by what was available on the market–what was once ‘natural’ & wholesome could no longer be labeled as such, costs per pint were way up and value was way down, and flavors weren’t aligned with my more adventurous, healthful, conscious and compassionate palate. 

Just because it's labeled as 'junk food' (or vegan, for that matter), doesn't mean it has to taste like it—or be made that way. Learning from my mother’s health battles, my father’s alternative health teachings and my own rocky road, I really began to notice a larger gap in alternative and health food offerings with regard to clean, non-animal dairy options. I couldn't live with (or on) those "alternatives", and decided that no one should needed to. The passionate, innovative chef and holistic nutritionist that I am, I took matters into my own hands, took to the kitchen and began creating the recipes you're enjoying today. 

Word spread, and upon realizing I wasn’t the only healthy, clean and vegan/non-dairy enthusiast that desired a delicious, conscious product, I purchased a small ice cream maker, began foraging for the best local ingredients I could find, and began locally crafting ice cream that dreams are made of, wars crumble over, and omnivores become vegan for. 

I launched PXVXC in the spring of 2013, and our monthly membership by the end of that year. We started with just 5 members in my midtown Toronto neighborhood, and now we serve the greater Toronto area. One day, it is my hope to reach every freezer in the world.

We don't use animals—meaning no dairy, eggs, gelatin or other animal parts or pieces—as well as no nuts, soy or gluten, and other common allergens in our products—but trust me, nothing feels like it's missing. I make sure of it, or I wouldn't be doing this.

More, from our products to our packaging, we are committed to making delicious eco-ethically responsible products that are a treat for the sensesmotivating our customers to learn more about conscious eating and the impact of their purchases & choiceswhich in turn serves to benefit the local & global community as a whole. 

It is my sincere hope that you love our products as much as I do; I stand by everything that comes into and out of my kitchen. Transparency in what's in our pints, our products, and what we stand by (and why); our mission is to provide delicious and easy dairy alternatives for those with dietary restrictions, those wanting to eat consciously and compassionately, and those wanting to just eat some damn good food. By continuing to invent, innovate, produce and distribute creative, inspiring, wholesome & eco-ethically responsible vegan dairy staples, it is our end-goal to delight your tastebuds no matter their preference, to satisfy your cravings—to heal the world, retire the cows, and all animals, too.

This company is so *nice*, I named it twice. Why? That's an entirely different story.

Feel like something's missing? You're a smart cookie. Get the full scoop.

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